Senorita Zinnia Seeds Heirloom Zinnia Seeds Great for Butterfly Gardens

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Senorita Zinnia Seeds Heirloom Zinnia Cactus Flowered Zinnia Seeds Great for Butterfly Gardens

 "Senorita" Zinnias are a blend of salmon and pink mostly double cactus zinnias. This heirloom zinnia is a must for butterfly gardens and cut flower gardens. The large blossoms vary with some blossoms being single and others cactus type. The colors also vary with blossoms starting out in a pale peach shade and then maturing to the wild salmon color. Several of the plants in this year's garden had the rich color shading in the first photograph. I love how the yellow in the center blends outward to the peach. The photo looks a little pinker since it was shot in the low morning light. This is my new favorite zinnia for cut flower bouquets. I mixed them with everything! Great for the WOW factor in borders and containers. 

Zinnias grow best in full sun and well drained soil. The plants can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. Zinnias will grow and produce best with regular weekly watering. I did not have any problems with powdery mildew on this variety. Make sure to space the plants to allow for adequate air circulation.

There are 25 seeds fresh from this year's crop in each pack. Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes and come with complete growing instructions. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present.