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Verbena bonariensis Seeds, Buenos Aires Verbena- Great for Pollinator Gardens

Verbena bonariensis Seeds, Buenos Aires Verbena- Great for Pollinator Gardens

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The purple flowers of Verbena bonariensis are a butterfly and bee magnet. This variety of verbena is sometimes referred to as Buenos Aires Verbena. The airy purple flower spikes are great for weaving into borders and mixed plantings. The tall flower spikes are topped with bushy purple flowers that attract a host of pollinators. Butterflies and small skippers love this verbena. The plants will form a low growing mound of dark green foliage. In summer flower spikes will shoot up and can grow up to 3 feet when in full bloom.

Verbena bonariensis looks great growing among ornamental grasses. The verbena, as well as the grasses, are a great way to add movement to your plantings. Verbena bonariensis is considered a tender perennial in zones 7-10. I have had established clumps make it through our zone 6 winters although I do not count on it. The plant will gently reseed around the garden and I always have a few new starts the following spring. The seedlings are easy to recognize and pull if unwanted.

Each packet contains 100+ seeds. The seeds are tiny and tricky to count so I always include extras. All seeds are fresh from this years crop. Your seeds will arrive in a simple kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present. 

Mountainlilyfarm is a licensed plant nursery nestled in the Ozark Mountains. I garden without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

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