Shirley Poppy Seed Papaver rhoeas, Mixed Color Single Flowering Poppies

  • $ 3.99

Papaver rhoeas or Shirley Poppies are an old fashioned annual poppy. Shirley Poppies are great grown in meadow plantings or Cottage Gardens. The Shirley Poppy Mix will include shades of pink, red, white and rosy bicolors. Some double flowers may also appear. The papery poppy flowers are 3 inches across and are borne on wiry stems. Shirley Poppies reseed nicely around the garden and will bring a natural look to your flower beds. Early blooming poppies are a great nectar source for foraging bees. 

This listing is for 200+ seeds. The poppy seeds are tiny and tricky to count so I always include extras. All seeds come with complete growing instructions. 

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