Seed Starting Garden Supply Kit Peat Pots Potting Soil and Peat Pellets for Spring Gardens

  • $ 16.95

This seed starting kit contains the necessary garden supplies to get your seedlings off to a great start! The garden starter kit contains a bag of very high quality potting soil. This is the same mix I use to start all of my seeds. It is a one gallon bag that weighs approx. 20 oz. It is enough mix for the 12- 2" square peat pots included. There is also plenty of extra soil if you want to start seeds in a few other smaller (more decorative) pots. Also included are 12 peat pellets. The pellets expand with water and are self contained. There is a thin gauzy membrane that holds the soil/pot together. I'm also including 12 wooden plant markers to help keep track of your seedlings. 

This kit will also include a basic information sheet on seed starting. Most seeds have very different needs for germination. All the seeds in my shop come with detailed instructions to the variety and should be followed. This garden supply kit will give you ahead start on you spring seedlings.