Rudbeckia maxima Seeds Giant Coneflower Great Plains Native Plant

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Rudbeckia maxima is also known as Giant Coneflower or Cabbage Leaf Coneflower. Rudbeckia maxima is a  drama queen in the garden. Blue basal leaves give rise to sturdy flower stalks that can reach 6- 7 feet tall. The giant coneflower blooms in mid summer in my Arkansas garden. The central cone of the flower itself is between 4-6 inches. This makes it a favorite for the goldfinches.

Use Rudbeckia maxima at the back of the border or in naturalistic style plantings. Giant Coneflower looks great combined with ornamental grasses. The tall flower stalks never need staking. I leave flower stems standing at the end of the season. They provide seed for the birds and winter interest.

This native plant is hardy in zones 4-9. Rudbeckia grows best in full sun and well drained soil. Like many perennials the seeds do need a chilling period to aid germination. All seeds come with complete growing instructions. Each seed packets contains a minimum of 25 seeds harvested from this year's crop.