Red Nigella Seeds Persian Red Love in a Mist Seeds Great for Cut Flower Gardens

  • $ 2.50

Nigella, also known as Love in a Mist is an old fashioned cottage garden favorite in an exciting color mix. This mix is sometimes sold as 'Persian Red'. The coloring is really a radiant orchid or carmine. Some flowers are a solid color while others have an almost watercolor white-wash over the petals. Deep rose to solid white will appear in this lovely mix. This Nigella  mix offers a little something different than the usual blue mixes. Looks great with apricot roses!

Love-in-a-Mist grows best in full sun in well drained soil. Once established Nigella will reseed nicely around the garden. Seedlings are easy to identify and cull out if necessary. I never have too much of this flower around my garden. Is a great weaver between established perennial plantings. Nigella is a great cut flower for informal, cottage style arrangements. Dried seedheads are great for floral arrangements or craft projects.

This listing is for 35 mixed Nigella seed freshly harvested from this year's garden.Seed is packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes. Complete growing instructions included with all orders. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present.