Purple Millet Seeds, Dark Purple Millet- Great for Cut Flowers and Dried Floral Crafts

  • $ 4.25

Purple Millet is easy to grow from seed and is great for market gardens and cut flower arrangements. Dark fuzzy cattail like flowers will emerge from clumps of dark foliage. This listing is for 45 seeds fresh from this year's harvest. This is a great plant to grow if you are looking for something unusual to add that WOW factor to flower beds. It provides structure and drama to established plantings. 

Purple Millet can be used fresh in flower arrangements or dried florals. (See third photo!)  The goldfinches flock to flower the stalks when the seeds are ripe. I harvest and dry flower stalks to use as natural decor and bird feed through the winter. 

Purple Millet has survived some of our very severe drought summers without much additional water or care. One note: true Purple Majesty Millet is an FI Hybrid. The seeds I save from year to year do display the dark foliage but you may have variations. I always include extra seeds!  ALL SEEDLINGS WILL EMERGE GREEN AND DARKEN IN COLOR WITH INTENSE HEAT. Millet is a heat lover and I always wait to plant this out in the garden once temperatures have settled and are warm. All seed orders come with complete growing instructions. 

Mountainlily Farm is a licensed plant nursery in the Ozark Mountains. I garden without chemicals. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff will be present.