Poppy Seeds, Papaver somniferum, Mixed Color Breadseed Poppy Seeds, Great for Cottage Gardens

  • $ 3.99

Papaver somniferum is sometimes known as Bread Seed Poppy or Breadbox Poppy. The large papery poppy flowers are a welcome sight in spring gardens. The poppy seeds are a mix of rich reds and purples. The mix contains a lot of Lauren's Grape Poppy. Lauren's Grape is a lovely purple that reseeds true to color. There is also a lot of fringed "Heirloom" poppies in pink, purple, and red. There may be a few doubles but I find this to be a weak trait that breeds itself out. Dried seedpods make wonderful additions to dried arrangements and craft projects. This listing is for 1/4 teaspoon which is hundreds of seeds harvested from the 2022 season. They are way too tiny to count so measuring is the easiest. 

I've been growing great poppies for almost 20 years and each order comes complete with my growing instructions and tips. Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes.

Please see the Blog section for an article on growing different types of poppies. 

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