Poppy Seed Collection, Easy to Grow Poppy Garden Seeds, 4 Varieties of Poppy Seeds

  • $ 24.95

The Poppy Seed Collection contains 4 varieties of colorful poppy seeds. Four individual seed packets contain Mixed Breadbox Poppies, Lauren's Grape Poppies, Shirley Poppies, and Pink Peony Poppies. Each seed collection comes with complete seed starting instructions. I've been growing beautiful poppies for more than 30 years and have lots of great tips for establishing a poppy garden. The seed packets will come packed in a metal gift tin embellished with a colorful photograph from this year's poppy garden. I've also included 6 wooden plant markers to help keep track of your seedlings. 

Varieties Included:

Mixed Breadbox Poppy

Lauren's Grape Poppy

Pink Peony Poppy

Mixed Shirley Poppy

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