Poppy Seed Collection, 4 Varieties of Poppies, Breadbox Poppy Seed Mix

  • $ 13.95

Poppy Seed Collection- Easy to Grow Garden Poppies

The Poppy Seed Collection contains 4 varieties of colorful poppy seeds. Poppies are wonderful wildflowers adding color and movement to garden beds. You will receive 3 varieties of poppies in individual kraft paper envelopes. Each order comes with complete growing instructions. 

Poppies are easy to grow in full sun with well drained soil. Poppies will reseed nicely around the garden. Seedlings are easy to recognize and pull if unwanted. 

The varieties include:

Mixed Breadbox Poppies (500+ seeds)
Lauren's Grape Poppies (200+ seeds)
Shirley Poppies (200+ seeds)

Double Peony Poppies (200+)