Peony Poppy Seeds, Mixed Colors of Peony Poppies, Easy Annual Breadbox Poppy Seeds

  • $ 3.99

This mix of double flowering Peony Poppies will fill your garden with blooms in early summer. Double Flowering Peony Poppies in mixed colors includes pink, red, purple and white. This is an annual poppy but will reseed when happy. The tall poppy plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and have bluish green foliage. In late spring huge flower buds open to reveal the fluffy flowers. Poppies are a favorite pollen source for bees in the garden. Once the petals fall the central seed pod adds an added season of interest. The pods can be dried and are great for dried floral projects. 200 poppy seeds minimum in each packet. They are small and difficult to count so there will always be extras! 

Peony Poppy seeds have been harvested from this year's crop. I've been growing great poppies for almost 20 years and each order comes complete with my growing instructions and tips. Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes.