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Dukat Dill Seeds, Anethum graveolens, Herb Garden Favorite

Dukat Dill Seeds, Anethum graveolens, Herb Garden Favorite

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Dukat Dill  is a great addition to the herb garden. Dill is a great herb used fresh in egg dishes or potato salad. Just snip a few sprigs of the tender green, lacy foliage. Dill can also be left to go to seed. Large yellow flowers will cover the plant in early summer. Allow to ripen for fresh dill seeds. I use two large dill heads for each jar of pickles. Seeds are used in many relish recipes.

Dill grows best as a "cool season" herb. I sow several batches spaced a few weeks apart for a continual harvest. The plants will take a break in the heat of the summer. Once fall rolls around new seedlings begin popping up in the vegetable garden. Plants can grow as tall as 2 1/2 feet when blooming. The foliage is also a great host plant for butterfly larvae.

Dill is also a great addition to butterfly gardens. The larvae of Swallowtails feed on Dill plants. Each packet contains a minimum of 50 seeds and comes with growing instructions. 

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