Night Blooming Daylily, Hemerocallis citrina, Fragrant Lemon Citron Lily Blooms at Night

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Hermocallis citrina is the night blooming Daylily. This heirloom Hemerocallis bears spidery light yellow flowers that open at dusk. The daylilly is sometimes referred to as Citron Lily and is highly fragrant. I have clumps of it planted along the pathway to my fire pit so I can enjoy the evening blooms. The pale yellow flowers glow in the evening light. The night pollinators love it too! 

This hard to find passalong plant is native to China. Hemerocallis citrina is hardy in zones 4-8.  Like most daylilies it is easy to grow in full sun and well drained soil. The plant will form a bushy mound of bright green grass like foliage. In early summer the flower stems can shoot up to 3-4 feet when in bloom. Each flower stalk is topped by loads of light yellow spider type lilies. 


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