Nigella Seeds Blue Nigella Love in a Mist Flower Seeds Old Fashioned Cottage Garden Favorite

  • $ 3.89

 Nigella damascena, commonly known as Love in a Mist, is an easy to grow old fashioned favorite flower.This nigella blooms in mixed shades of blue.This is an easy to grow cottage garden favorite and is great for fall planted gardens. This plant bears the romantic common name of Love In A Mist which is derived from the frilly seed pods. I have used this flower in many bridal bouquets and tussie mussies. Uniquely shaped blue flowers sit atop feathery foliage. The blue flowers are a great addition to flower beds and informal cut flower arrangements. 

Nigella grows in full sun in well drained soil. When in bloom plants can reach 1-2 feet. Once established it will happily reseed around the garden.This mix is various shades of blue ranging from light to almost dark purple. Your fresh seed will arrive in simple kraft paper envelope. Each seed order comes with complete growing instructions. This listing is for 50 seeds fresh from this year's harvest. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small bits of chaff may be present.