Nest Egg Gourd Seeds or Bird Egg Gourd Seeds, Great Craft Gourds

  • $ 3.99

Birds Nest Gourds or Egg Gourds are a fun and easy annual vine to grow. Each gourd plant will produce loads of small egg shaped gourds. The gourds measure approximately 2 1/2 inches in length. Gourd vines need plenty of room to ramble or a trellis to climb. Gourds will grow best with lots of sunlight.

Dried gourds are great for all types of craft projects. The Egg Gourds can be left to dry naturally and will take on a brown spotted appearance. Gourds can be lightly sanded and painted. I've used them painted in a robin's egg blue for event floral decorations. These can also be painted in holiday colors and used in natural, woodland theme Christmas decorations.

25 seeds will arrive in a simple kraft paper envelope. Every seed order comes with complete growing instructions.

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