Lunaria Seeds, Money Plant or Honesty Flower Seed, Cottage Garden Favorite

  • $ 3.99

Lunaria or Money Plant is an old fashioned Cottage Garden flower favorite.  Lunaria also goes by the common name of Honesty. This is a great biennial plant for the woodland garden. Money Plant is very easy to grow from seed. The plant will form a nice clump of heart shaped leaves the first year. The second year the plant will form pretty purple flower stalks in late spring. The flowers are followed by green seedpods that ripen to white papery seedpods. I like to use the unripe green seedpods in flower arrangements. Allow the flower stalks to dry in place. The brown outer husks can be removed, seeds collected, and the dry white "money" is ready to use in any floral arrangement.

Zones 6-9
Height 18-36"

This listing is for 50 seeds fresh from this season's harvest. All seeds come with complete growing instructions.