Luffa Gourd Seeds, Grow Your Own Organic Luffa, Loofah Gourd Seeds

  • $ 3.99

Luffa Gourds, also known as Dish Cloth Gourds are fun and easy to grow from seed. Warm season gourd vines will flourish in full sun and warm sunny weather. This listing is for 15  Luffa Gourd seeds fresh from this year's harvest. Seeds come with complete growing instructions.  Plant in full sun and give them plenty of room to climb or ramble. Allow elongated gourds to dry on the vine. Peel away the outer husk to reveal the luffa sponge. You can trim them to a more regular shape but I like the natural shape. 

Seeds harvested fresh from this year's crop. All seeds come in a kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions.