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Lilac Pom Pom Poppy Seeds, Fringed Pale Lavender Poppies

Lilac Pom Pom Poppy Seeds, Fringed Pale Lavender Poppies

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Lilac Pom Pom Poppy bears large, ruffled pale lavender blooms. This double flowering poppy is a knock out in the spring garden. Double poppies tend to bloom later in the season than regular Breadbox Poppies. Each flower has layers and layers of fringed petals. Once they begin to fade and drop the signature poppy pod is revealed. 

Each packet contains a minimum of 200 seeds. They are tiny and tricky to count so extras are included. These have been harvested from this seasons crop. 

I've been growing great poppies for over 20 years and each order comes complete with my growing instructions and tips. Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes. 

Mountainlily Farm is a licensed plant nursery in the Ozark Mountains. I garden without chemicals. All seeds are harvested and packed by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present. 

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