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Lettuce Seeds Mixed Lettuce Seeds Great for Home Gardens

Lettuce Seeds Mixed Lettuce Seeds Great for Home Gardens

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Organic Lettuce Seeds Mixed Lettuce Seeds Mountainlily Farm Specialty Lettuce Seed Blend

100+ mixed organic lettuce seeds. Each year I grow a special blend of organic lettuce here at Mountainlily Farm. I have trialed many different types of lettuce in my work as a horticulturist for botanical gardens. This blend contains my favorite varieties that I grow year after year. The blend contains both loose leaf and head type lettuces. Red and green varieties are included which makes for a pretty bowl of salad!

Lettuce are great for cool season gardens. Fall planted greens can be extended with a floating row cloth or other suitable cover. Lettuce can take light frost here in our Zone 6 garden. I sow seeds fairly close together and thin after germination. As soon as plants have small leaves I begin harvesting the outer leaves. I sow a large patch and harvest a little from many plants. Successive sow three weeks apart for a continual harvest.

All seeds come packaged in a kraft paper envelope. Detailed growing instructions included with each seed packet.
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