Lemonade Sunflower Seeds, Double Sunflowers for Cut Flowers and Market Gardens

  • $ 4.25

Lemonade Sunflowers are sure to be a hit in the summer garden. The double yellow blooms of Lemonade add rich color and texture to cut flower arrangements. This variety produces very little pollen which also makes it great for cut flowers.  Lemonade Sunflowers can grow 4-6 feet tall with multiple branching flower stems. The sturdy stems and numerous side shoots make this an excellent variety for cut flower gardens. Each flower head measures 5-7 inches across. This variety won the Grand Champion ribbon in last year's County Fair. It's a blue ribbon winner for sure! 

Sunflowers will grow and bloom best in full sun and well drained soil. Each order comes with complete growing instructions. Each seed packet contains 25 seeds fresh from this year's crop.