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Organic Jalapeno Pepper Seeds Dancing Spirits Jalapeno Seeds Fresh From This Year's Crop Capsicum annum

This listing is for 25 seeds of the jalapeno pepper Dancing Spirits. This pepper is considered a hybrid but I have been growing it for several years. My original seed source discontinued it and I began saving the seed for myself. I have been growing it true from seed for several seasons. This is one of my favorite peppers just for the colors alone. The immature peppers start out a pale yellow then turn orange and finally red. Great for making a delicious and beautiful orange colored hot pepper jelly!

I find that I need about 10-12 plants when growing for pickling. That way you have a good number all ripen at the same time. Peppers are easy to grow in full sun and well drained soils. Each bushy plant produces loads of the 2 inch peppers. Can be harvested at any stage of ripeness but will be the hottest if allowed to develop into the rich red color.

Seeds come packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope. Complete growing instructions included with each order.