Herb Garden Kit, Deluxe Herb Seed Kit, 12 Varieties Heirloom Herb Seeds

  • $ 44.95

This Deluxe Herb Garden Kit contains 12 varieties of herb seeds sure to delight in the kitchen and garden. Herbs are easy to start from seed and this seed kit contains complete growing information to help you get them started. I've been a horticulturist for over 25 years and began my career at an herb nursery. The garden gift basket also includes 12 peat pots, 12 peat pellets, and 12 wooden plant markers. All of the seeds are packaged individually. These are all full size seed packets so you will have plenty to start indoors and continue staggered planting throughout the growing season. The basket measures 9 1/4" in length, 5 3/4 wide, and stands just over 3" tall. 

The herb varieties included in this collection are:

Sweet Basil
Flat Leaf Parsley
Curled Parsley
Basil Blend
Bronze Fennel
Lemon Balm
Garlic Chives 
Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present. We are a licensed plant nursery in the Ozark Mountains. We garden naturally and without chemicals.