Golden Greek Pepperoncini Seeds, Great for Pickled Peppers

  • $ 3.99

Golden Greek Pepperoncini are easy to grow pickling peppers. This heirloom, open pollinated pepper is originally from Greece. The skin is thin which makes it perfect for pickling. The fruits are crunchy and sweet with just a little heat. Peppers are traditionally harvested for pickles when in the light yellow stage. Golden Greek Pepperoncini can also be eaten fresh. The heat will intensify if the peppers are left to fully mature to orange.

The peppers grow 2-3 inches long and 2 inches wide. The productive plants are loaded with peppers. I find I need to grow at least 6-10 plants to have enough to harvest at one time for pickled pepperoncini. This pepper produces well even in cooler, short season areas. 65 Days.

Peppers grow best in full sun and well drained garden soil. All seeds come with complete growing instructions. Minimum 20 seeds per packet.