Formosa Lily Seeds Lilium formosanum Tall White Garden Lily Great for Cut Flowers

  • $ 2.50

Formosa Lily Seeds Lilium formosanum Tall White Garden Lily Easy to Grow From Seeds

This listing is for 50 organic seeds of Lilium formosanum. The Formosa Lily is a tall, fragrant bloomer and perfect for the back of the border. This is one of the easiest lilies to grow from seed but may take a couple of growing seasons to begin blooming. The paper thin seeds are tricky to count so I will always exceed the number just to be on the safe side! These seeds are fresh from this years harvest.

I have been growing Formosa lilies for years on my farm and in the gardens of many of my clients. Formosa Lily is one of the last lilies to bloom and usually begins blooming in August in my zone 6 garden. Mature lilies can reach 5-6 feet tall. Site Formosa Lily at the back of the border for a dramatic statement. These lilies will grow in sun or shade. Plants will grow taller and need less support if grown in full sun. Grow in well drained soil and provide an inch of water a week.

Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes and come with complete growing instructions. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small bits of chaff may be present.