Forget Me Not Seeds Chinese Forget Me Not Cynoglossum amabile Firmament Heirloom Seeds

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Chinese Forget Me Not Seeds Heirloom Seeds Organic Forget Me Nots Cynoglossum Seeds

This listing is for 25 seeds of light blue flowered Chinese Forget Me Not. The heirloom seeds are harvested fresh from this years crop. Cynoglossum is considered the "summer flowering" forget me not. This is a different plant than spring blooming myosotis. The flowers are similar but the foliage of this variety is a little more pointed. Chinese Forget Me Not isn't quite as fussy either. This is an heirloom or pass a long plant and was first introduced to gardens around 1939.

I sow Cynoglossum after all danger of frost. The plants bloom fairly quickly from seed and will continue through the summer. Chinese Forget Me Not will bloom even when the temperature gets hot. It is hard to find this color blue for summer planting. Small plants will gently reseed in the garden. I never have too many! It is a good plant to let "weave" through established plantings.

Cynoglossum is typically an annual in my zone 6 garden. The plant hardiness is zones 6-8. Plants can reach up to 8-10 inches when in bloom.