Flamingo Feather Celosia Seed Organic Wheat Celosia Flamingo Feather Celosia Great For Cut and Dried Flowers

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Flamingo Feather Celosia Seed Organic Pink Celosia Seed Wheat Celosia Fresh Seed From This Year's Crop!

This listing is for 100+ organic seeds of the pink wheat type Celosia. This variety is known as 'Flamingo Feather' Celosia. Seeds are fresh from this year's harvest. I grow Flamingo Feather celosia in my sunny rose garden. This past season I planted them near my Pinky Winky Hydrangea and love the two together.

Flamingo Feather Celosia can reach up to 4 feet tall. This plant is a great weaver in the border. I let it reseed through established plantings. Unwanted seedlings are easy to identify and remove. The pink flowers are great filler in informal bouquets. Celosia also makes great flowers for drying and wreath making. Easy to grow and easy for beginner gardeners. Celosia grows best in full sun and well drained soil.

Seeds are packed in simple kraft paper envelopes. Complete growing instructions are included with each order.