Fish Pepper Seeds, Heirloom Fish Peppers, Hot Ornamental Pepper Seeds

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Fish Pepper is an African American heirloom pepper dating back to the 1800's. It is a hot chile type pepper that was used in regional cuisine in the Chesapeake Bay region. Traditionally used to flavor seafood and shellfish. I first grew this pepper for it's ornamental qualities while head gardener at a local botanical garden. I've grown it ever since! The plants are variegated, some more than others. I saved seeds from the plants with the best variegation this year. The peppers start out light green with stripes and develop into the wild array of colors in the first few photos. I add one or two of these peppers to home made pickles to spice them up. These peppers look good in home canned jars!

This listing is for 20 seeds harvested from last year's crop. The peppers are 2-3 inches long. The bushy plants grow about 2 feet tall and are loaded with beautiful, hot peppers. Some of the peppers will have more stripes than others just as some plants will show more variegation. This pepper has a Scoville ranking of 45,000-75,000 units. 80 days.

Peppers grow best in full sun and well drained garden soil. All seeds come with complete growing instructions.