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Fatalii Pepper Seeds Heirloom Peppers Fresh From This Year's Crop

This listing is for 20 seeds of the Fatalii Pepper. The Fatalii Pepper originates from Central Africa and is in the top 10 of hottest peppers. The Fatalii usually tests at 250,000 on the Scoville Scale.

Fatalii pepper plants grow about 2 feet tall. Each plant is covered in loads of these beautiful habanero- type yellow peppers. The 3" fruits start out green and mature to a rich yellow. I use small pieces of the Fatalii pepper in home made salsa. I will admit it is a little too hot for me! Pepper experts say there is a faint citrus or lemon flavor behind the intense heat.

Peppers grow best in full sun and well drained garden soil. All seeds come with complete growing instructions.