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Cucumber Seeds Pickling Cucumbers Homemade Pickles Variety Non GMO Open Pollinated Seeds Fresh Seed From This Year's Crop!

This listing is for 25 seeds of a great pickling cucumber. 'Homemade Pickles' is a heavy producer and super disease resistant. The tasty cucumbers have crisp flesh which makes them perfect for pickling recipes. They can be harvested small at 1-2 inches for small sweet pickles. The fruits can grow 5-6 inches and made into dill spears or sliced for bread and butter chips. The vines produced well in my garden even with dry and hot conditions. The vines also showed great disease resistance.

Annual, 55 days. Cucumbers will be most productive when grown in full sun and well drained soil. Cucumbers grow best when direct sown after all danger of frost. All seeds come with complete growing instructions.