Echinacea purpurea Seeds Purple Coneflower Seeds Native Prairie Plant Seeds

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Echinacea purpurea Seeds Purple Coneflower Seeds Prairie Wildflowers Butterfly Plant

Purple Coneflowers are an easy perennial to start from seed. Coneflowers are great for native and natural style garden schemes. Echinacea looks great paired with ornamental grasses and other prairie plants. Planting in masses is a great way to add instant impact to your garden. This is called purple coneflower although the color may be more of a pink. This variety has been in my garden for over 8 years and is very drought tolerant once established.

Coneflowers are great for any gardener interested in bringing much needed pollinators to the garden. As you can see from the first photo- the butterflies love this plant! Also great for the bees. Leave the seed heads standing to dry naturally in the garden. This is a great for winter interest and is an important design component of the New Perennial Style of garden design. Plus, the finches will love it! My seed stalks are always covered in gold finches in the autumn.

This is a perennial plant so it will bloom the second year when grown from seed. Each seed packet will come with complete growing instructions. This listing is for 35 seeds and will come packaged in a brown kraft paper envelope.

Perennial Zones 3-11
Height 2-4 feet
Spread 3-4 feet