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Columbine Seeds, Mixed Colors of Aquilegia, Shade Garden Perennial

Columbine Seeds, Mixed Colors of Aquilegia, Shade Garden Perennial

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Columbine flowers will grace the shade garden with early summer color. Growing Columbines from seed is a great, and cost effective, way to add perennials to the garden, This Columbine Mix, harvested from last summer's garden, contains a range of colors. The Aquilegia plants will produce blooms in purple, red, yellow, pink, and bicolors.  Columbine is a wonderful perennial to add to a shade garden or border. The blue green lacy foliage will form a sizeable clump the first year. If plants are started indoors in early winter you may get blooms the first year. Columbine plants prefer to grow in moist rich soil in part shade. Spurred flowers will bloom in late spring on 1 1/2 foot tall plants. 50 seeds per packet. 

Like many perennials Columbine seeds do need a cold stratification period before germination. Complete instructions included with each seed packet. The plants will also gently reseed around the garden. The distinct foliage makes it easy to identify seedlings. I never have too many! I find letting nature do the work for me to be the best case with this plant. I walk through the garden and shake seed heads and let seeds fall where they are to grow.

All seeds are fresh from this years crop. Your seeds will arrive in a kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions. Seeds are cleaned by hand so small natural bits of chaff may be present.

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