Mixed Colors of Celosia spicata Seeds, Celosia for Cut Flower Gardens and Butterfly Gardens

  • $ 4.25

Celosia spicata is also known as Wheat Celosia or Feather Celosia. This is a mix of several different colors. The mix includes pink Flamingo Feather Celosia.,Yellow, Burgundy, and a greenish white. The flower spikes add great texture to cut flower arrangements. Celosia is also perfect for drying. The flowers hold their color well and can be used in a number of craft projects. This listing is for 100+ seeds. The seeds are tiny and tricky to count so I always include extras! 

Celosia is a warm season annual and should be planted out after all danger of frost. Each seed order comes packed in a simple kraft paper envelope with detailed growing instructions. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present.