Celosia argentea Mix, Large Cockscomb Blooms - Great for Cut Flower Gardens and Market Gardens

  • $ 4.25

Celosia argentea will form bright, colorful cockscomb like heads that are perfect for cut flowers. The large 'brains' is perfect for adding texture to mixed flower arrangements. The long vase life makes this variety perfect for flower farmers and market gardeners. The colors range from pink, peach, red, yellow and burgundy. This Celosia variety can grow up to 5 feet tall through the summer months. The flowers can be harvested at any stage. 

Celosia argentea will grow and flower best in full sun and well drained soil. Celosia is a heat lover and really gets going around the middle of the summer. The plants will continue blooming until the first frost. 

Each seed packet contains a minimum of 100 seeds. Celosia are tricky to count so there are always extras included. 

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