Cardoon Seeds, Cynara cardunculus Seeds, Wild Artichoke, Great Statement Plant for the Garden

  • $ 4.25

Cardoon- Cyanara cardunculus is also known as Wild Artichoke. Cardoon is a great statement plant when added to beds or large containers. Each seed packet contains 15 seeds from this year's harvest. I use Cardoons in my garden design business to add that 'wow factor'. Large silver toothed foliage can easily reach 3-4 ft. across and will reach specimen plant size in one season. I mostly grow it for the foliage but it does send up purple, thistle like flowers on 5 foot stalks. The flower heads dry beautifully in the garden or can be brought inside for dried floral arrangements. If seed is started early enough you may have blooms the first year. Usually it will be a large clump of foliage with flower stalks emerging the second year. It has been hardy for me in my zone 6 garden. 

Seeds will come with complete growing instructions. I include several tips I've learned to keep this plant going in the garden. I do recommend full sun for Cardoons. I feel it performs best in average garden soil. It will grow in richer soil but must be well drained.