Butterfly Garden Seed Kit, Easy to Grow Butterfly Garden

  • $ 27.95

Butterfly Garden and Pollinator Garden Seed Kit with Growing Supplies 

This seed kit contains 6 varieties of flower and herb seeds that are favorites of butterflies. Parsley and Fennel plants are host plants for the butterfly larvae. These two herbs are also great in the kitchen. The Bronze fennel is also a lovely garden plant adding color and stature to mixed plantings. Colorful Zinnias are a favorite of Monarch butterflies. The Cosmos and Mexican Sunflowers will bring in swarms of swallowtail butterflies and are great for cut flowers.

The seed collection and seed starting supplies are packed in a recycled cardboard gift box. The box measures 5x5x3 inches and features a color photograph from the garden. The seed kit includes 6 individual kraft paper envelopes, 6 peat pots, 6 peat pellets, and 6 wooden plant markers. Detailed growing instructions are included with each seed variety. This is a great gift for experienced and beginner gardeners. 


Seed Varieties Include:

Mexican Sunflowers:
Dukat Dill 
Curled Parsley
Bronze Fennel
Cosmos Mix