Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Seeds, Heirloom Shipka Peppers- Great for Small Space Gardens

  • $ 4.25

The Bulgarian Carrot is a small hot pepper that packs a lot of punch! This heirloom pepper is also known as Shipka Pepper in it's native country of Hungary. Shipka peppers are an open pollinated variety with a pointy shape and bright orange flesh. This pepper is also known as Hot Carrot. The bright orange peppers also make this a great choice for edible landscapes. It is technically considered a chili pepper and the heat ranges on the Scoville Scale from 5,000-30,000 units. 20 seeds per packet. 

Shipka Pepper plants are very abundant producers. The individual peppers can grow up to 3 inches. The peppers have a crunchy flesh which makes them ideal for pickling. I also chop (just a couple!) of them up in my home made salsa. The plants stayed fairly small and grew to approx. 2 feet. I did have to add light stakes to keep them upright as they got sort of top heavy from the tons of peppers they produced!

Peppers grow best in full sun and well drained garden soil. All seeds come packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes with complete growing instructions.