Bronze Fennel Seeds Foeniculum vulgare Butterfly Garden Host Plant

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Bronze Fennel Seeds Organic Fennel Foeniculum vulgare Butterfly Garden Monarch Butterfly Host Plant

This listing is for 50+ Bronze Fennel Seeds grown and harvested here at Mountainlily Farm. Bronze Fennel is a great host plant for swallowtail butterfly larvae. Any butterfly garden should include a few fennel plants. See fourth photo. Bronze Fennel is easy to start from seed and grow in any well drained garden soil. The anise scented foliage and seeds are popular in many fish recipes. I must admit that I grow it mainly for it's beauty.

Bronze fernlike foliage is topped by yellow umbel flowers in summer. I have this growing in my cutting garden with the orange Turk's Cap Lilies. The flowers will bring in much needed pollinators so this is a great plant to add to the vegetable garden.

Your seeds will come packaged in a brown kraft paper envelope. Complete growing instructions included with each order. All seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand. There may be small bits of chaff mixed in with the seeds. These seeds are not intended for culinary use.