Black Krim Tomato Seeds, Heirloom Tomatoes for Home Gardens

  • $ 3.89

Black Krim Tomato is an open pollinated heirloom tomato originally from Russia. The heirloom beefsteak fruits are a deep color ranging from brown to reddish purple. With intense heat the tomatoes will turn almost black in color. This indeterminate tomato variety has a deep rich flavor. The vines were disease free and produced through a long hot growing season. Black Krim adds wonderful color to summer dishes prepared with heirloom tomatoes. 

Tomatoes will grow and fruit best when grown in full sun. This variety is suitable for beds or container gardens. It is indeterminate so provide some type of trellis or support for the vines. 70-90 days from transplant.

All seeds come packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions. This listing is for 20 seeds fresh from this year's harvest.