Black Hollyhock Seeds, Alcea rosea nigra, Heirloom Hollyhocks, Cottage Garden Flower Seeds

  • $ 3.99

Alcea rosea nigra is commonly known as Black Hollyhock. Hollyhocks are an old fashioned favorite and a must for any cottage type garden. Black Hollyhocks are a biennial for most gardeners. Plants may bloom the first year from seed but they must be started very early. This listing is for 25 seeds harvested fresh from this year's garden.

Hollyhocks will form a small clump of foliage the first year. The second year towering spikes of flowers will emerge in late spring. Hollyhock flower spikes can grow 5-6 feet tall and are best planted at the back of the border or along a fence. The plants in the photos are in my main sunny borders. I was using the black hollyhock flowers to echo the color of the Purple Smoke Tree behind it. I live on a very windy hill top and the tree branches were just the right amount of support for the flowers.

Hollyhocks grow best in full sun and well drained soil. The plants are hardy in zones 4-9. The life expectancy of this plant varies greatly. I have had it act as an annual, biennial, and short lived perennial. I always have a few reseeds in the garden so I am never without. Hollyhocks can be bothered by several pests which like the foliage but rarely bother the flowers. I grow organically so the foliage may appear less than perfect but it is usually at the back of the border and not really a problem. Proper drainage and air circulation are key to the overall health of hollyhocks.