Balsam Seeds, Impatiens balsamina, Heirloom Touch me Not Seeds, Mixed Colors of Balsam

  • $ 3.89

Bright colored  Balsam impatiens are the perfect annual for hard to plant areas. Balsam is an old fashioned favorite and was used extensively in Victorian gardens. This is a double camellia flowered mix of colors. The double flower clusters colors include colors of deep coral (my favorite), pale pink, violet, white and purple. Balsam will grow best in bright shade. I have it planted around my well house water feature that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. The plants will form 1-2 foot tall columns of bright colors. I haven't grown this plant in years and was so glad I added to my garden this past spring. The bright, cheerful colors made me happy every time I passed them. Each packet contains a minimum of 25 seeds. 

Old fashioned Balsam looks best when planted in groups and will add color to shady areas.  I was surprised to notice that it was a favorite of many of the pollinators I encourage here at Mountainlily Farm. The plant will reseed gently around the garden. One of the older common names is Touch Me Not since the seed pods will burst open when ripe.

All seeds come packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes. Complete growing instructions are also included with all orders.