Black Cherry Tomato Seeds Heirloom Cherry Tomato Organic Vegetable Garden Seeds

  • $ 3.89

Heirloom Black Cherry Tomato Seeds Fresh From This Year's Crop.

This listing is for 25 seeds of heirloom variety of Black Cherry Tomato. This open pollinated tomato is easy to grow from seeds. The large indeterminate plants are loaded with small black (but really a darker purple shade) tomatoes. The kids will love picking these! The small tomatoes are great for appetizers or nutritious snacks. We always keep a fresh picked bowl around in the summer.

This is an indeterminate variety of tomato. 90 days from seed. Tomatoes grow best with at least 8 hours of full sun. The plants will grow large so grow them up a sturdy trellis or fencing. I grow organically and add lots of organic compost at planting time. Fish emulsion fertilizer keeps the plants healthy and will also deter the deer a little.

All seeds come packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions.