Queen Lime Blush Zinnia Seeds, Great for Cut Flower Gardens and Butterfly Gardening

  • $ 4.35

Queen Lime Blush Zinnia is an intricate mix of cool greens and pinks. This is a newer variety so there are some variables among the blooms. Queen Lime Blush will bloom in both single and double flowers. The petals of the double flowers are green with a light  pink blush at the base. Several of the blooms also had a distinct pink center which adds to the drama of this bloom. The pink center disc is visible in the mixed bouquet in the last photograph. Several plants did bear all green flowers which add great color to mixed arrangements. One of 20 plants was a single flowered pink similar to the coloring in Queen Red Lime. Each seed packet contains 25 seeds from this years harvest. 

Zinnias grow best in full sun and well drained soil. The plants can grow up to 2 feet tall. Zinnias will grow and produce best with regular weekly watering. I did not have any problems with powdery mildew on this variety.

Seeds are cleaned by hand and may contain small bits of chaff. We garden naturally and without chemicals at Mountainlily Farm.