Benary's Giant Mixed Zinnia Seeds, Great Cut Flower Garden Zinnia, Butterfly Garden Favorite

  • $ 4.35

Benary's Giant Mixed Zinnias are the zinnia professional cut flower growers choose. Large, colorful zinnia blooms on tall stems makes Benary's Giant perfect for market gardens and flower farmers. The Benary's Zinnia varieties are one of the most disease resistant zinnias grown. Rarely bothered by powdery mildew, even in the humid South!
Benary's Giant Mix Zinnia blooms in mixed colors from deep wine, coral to intense orange. Zinnias will add color to flower beds as well as fresh cut floral arrangements. Each seed packet contains a minimum of 25 seeds from the past summer's garden. 

Zinnias grow best in full sun and well drained soil. The plants can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. Zinnias will grow and produce best with regular weekly watering. I did not have any problems with powdery mildew on this variety. Make sure to space the plants to allow for adequate air circulation.

All seeds come with complete growing instructions. I've been a horticulturist for over 20 years and am happy to pass a long any growing tips as well as design ideas.

Mountainlily Farm is a licensed plant nursery in the Ozark Mountains. I garden without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Seeds are harvested and packed by hand. Small natural bits of chaff may be present.