Dried Flower Garden Kit- Grow Your Own Dried Flowers, Seeds and Seed Starting Supplies

  • $ 23.95

The Dried Flower Seed Collection includes 6 varieties of easy to grow flower seeds. Celosia, Millet, and Strawflowers are all easy to grow from seed and are great for beginner and experienced gardeners. The garden gift set also contains 6 peat pots, 6 peat pellets and 6 plant markers to keep track of your seedlings. The garden kit also comes with complete growing information. 

Each seed variety has been selected to provide loads of flowers for drying or fresh arrangements. The seeds are individually packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes. 

The Seed Varieties Include:

Purple Millet
Carmine Gomphrena
Mixed Strawflowers
Mixed Wheat Celosia
Flamingo Feather Celosia
Mixed Broomcorn

Seeds have been harvested fresh from the most recent crops. Each kit comes with seed starting supplies and instructions. Mountainlily Farm gardens without the use of chemicals.