Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection, 5 Heirloom Seed Varieties- Great for Cut Flower Gardens and Market Gardens

  • $ 14.95

Easy to Grow Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection- 5 Heirloom Seed Varieties 

The Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection includes 5 varieties of flowers  that are perfect for fresh arrangements. Each variety is individually packaged and comes with complete growing instructions. The seed collection includes two types of Zinnias that are great for cut flowers. I've also included a pink gomphrena that adds texture and color to cut arrangements. Lavender flowers will add fragrance. Lavender is a perennial and may not bloom until the second year. The foliage is a fragrant soft grey and works well in the vase too. Lemon Bergamot flowers are whorled and will add height to flower beds and arrangements. 

The 5 seed varieties included:

Lemon Bergamot

English Lavender

Benary's Salmon Rose Zinnia 

Benary's Giant Mix Zinnia


All seeds are cleaned by hand and small bits of chaff may be present. We garden naturally and without chemicals.