Diablo Cosmos Seeds, Cosmos sulphureus for Sunny Gardens, Great Butterfly and Hummingbird Plant

  • $ 3.89

Bright orange 'Diablo' Cosmos will light up the garden from early summer until frost. The 2 inch cosmos flowers are held up on wiry stems that add movement and color to the flower garden. Plants can grow from 24-36 inches tall. They begin blooming quickly from seed and are great woven between perennials. Each seed packet contains at least 35 seeds. 

This annual cosmos can be grown in zones 3-10. Once the plants are established they are extremely drought tolerant. Deer seem to leave this plant alone. The flowers are attractive to many of the smaller skipper type butterflies. "Diablo" is a much deeper reddish orange than other sulphur cosmos. Although I have noticed some variation in my large wildflower stand.

All seeds come packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope. Each order comes with complete seed starting and growing instructions.