Coral Fountains Amaranth Seeds, Great for Cut Flower Garden and Cottage Gardens

  • $ 3.25

The unusual coloring of Coral Fountains Amaranth makes this a stand out in the cut flower garden. Amaranth, also known as Love Lies Bleeding, is an old fashioned cottage garden favorite. Coral Fountains Amaranth can grow up to 6 feet tall and produces loads of long coral rope like flowers. Coral Fountains Amaranth is easy to grow from seeds in the summer garden. Amaranth will grow and flower best with at least 6-8 fours of full sun. The plants will get top heavy and a sturdy stake will help keep the plants upright in the garden. Flowers can be dried but the color will fade to tan. Tassel Amaranth adds a nice textured to dried floral arrangements.  

Seeds are very tiny and difficult to count so I always include extras. Minimum 100 seeds per packet. All seed orders come with complete growing instructions. Seeds have been harvested from the past growing season.