Cottage Garden Flower Seed Kit, Poppy Seeds and Old Fashioned Garden Favorites

  • $ 19.95

The Cottage Garden Seed Collection contains 7 varieties of old fashioned flowers. Cottage gardens are an informal type of garden planted with herbs and flowers. Many of the varieties of heirloom flowers were popular for their ease of culture and gentle reseeding around the garden. Gardeners learned long ago that mixing colorful, fragrant flowers into the garden was a great way to bring pollinators into the garden. 

The seed packets come packaged in a metal gift tin featuring a colorful photograph of Shirley Poppies. All seeds are packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes and come with detailed growing instructions. Also included in this kit are 8 wooden plant markers to help keep track of your seedlings.

The 7 varieties included in this seed collection are:

Breadbox Poppy
Blue Love in a Mist
Rose Campion
Money Plant
Black Hollyhocks