Clematis integrifolia Seeds Bush Clematis Seeds in Mixed Colors

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Clematis Seeds Bush Clematis integrifolia Seeds Fresh From This Year's Harvest

This listing is for 15 seeds of the dainty bush Clematis integrifolia. Clematis integrifolia, also known as solitary clematis is a smaller, non-climbing clematis. The small plants grow about 1- 3 feet in when in bloom. I tend to let the plants sprawl at the front edges of my beds. The blue bell shaped flowers tend to have twisted petals. It is lovely used in informal flower bouquets but does not last as long as some cut flowers. I also like to use the silver, fuzzy seed heads in arrangements. See the third photo. I got my starts of the plants when I was head gardener at our local Botanical Garden. The flowers are mainly blue but a pink flowered "sport" may pop up. See fourth photo. This plant is very tough, all plants in my gardens need to be! Rarely bothered by bugs, never bothered by disease, deer seem to leave it alone (although that varies from region to region. )

This is a perennial clematis and may not bloom until the second year. All seeds come with complete growing instructions. Like many perennials this clematis can be a little fickle about germination. I will provide you with all the tips I have learned over the years, plus a few extra seeds. That being said, it does gently reseed around the garden.