Cilantro Seeds Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed Kit with Growing Supplies

  • $ 10.95

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seed Kit Growing Instructions with Seed Starting Supplies

Cilantro is a very easy herb to grow from seed. If garden space is limited Cilantro is easy to grow in any sunny window or patio pot. The seeds are packaged in simple kraft paper envelopes. The seed packet and seed starting supplies will arrive in a recycled cardboard box. Each box features a colorful photograph shot in my herb garden here at Mountain Lily Farm. The box measures 5x5x3 and is perfect for gift giving or storage.

This garden kit comes with 1 full size seed packet of Cilantro and complete growing instructions. This seed kit also includes 3 small square peat pots, potting soil, and 3 stamped plant tags. The tags are natural wood stamped with a waterproof vegetable based ink. Cilantro grows and sets seed quickly so you may want to stagger the start times of each herb pot.